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Dive into the holiday festivities with us! We're hosting Santa in our pool on December 3rd! He will be in the water to take pictures with you and your family. There will be no swim time available on this day. We encourage families to come to try something new! Are you sending holiday cards out this year? Why not attach a picture with Santa UNDERWATER?! 

All ages are welcome! Santa will come up to the surface to take pictures with kids under the age of 8 or anyone who doesn't want to get their hair wet. 

Kids between the ages of 8 and 10 years will be able to use our dive equipment and take pictures underwater with Santa in the shallow end. (With the exception of our Seal Team divers who are welcome to join Santa in the deep end).

Anyone who is 10 years and up is welcome to Scuba down to the deep end for photos with Santa.

NO SCUBA DIVING EXPERIENCE NECESSARY! Please pick your time slot and purchase one per person who will be expected in the pool. We will provide a digital copy of your photo once the event is over.

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